Red Hot Chili Peppers - My Friends Lyrics 

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The lyrics to My Friends by the Red Hot Chili Peppers
Album: One Hot Minute (1995)
I do not own this song, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Warner bros. do
All songs written by Anthony Kiedis, Flea, Dave Navarro and Chad Smith
My friends are so depressed
I feel the question of your loneliness
Confide...'cause I'll be on your side
You know I will, you know I will
Ex-girlfriend called me up
Alone and desperate on the prison phone
They want to give her seven years
For being sad
I love all of you
Hurt by the cold
So hard and lonely too
When you don't know yourself
My friends are so distressed
And standing on the brink of emptiness
No words I know of to express
This emptiness
I love all of you
Hurt by the cold
So hard and lonely too
When you don't know yourself
Imagine me, taught by tragedy
Release is peace
I heard a little girl
And what she said was something beautiful
To give your love no matter what
Is what she said
I love all of you
Hurt by the cold
So hard and lonely too
When you don't know yourself






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Kane Sharkey
Kane Sharkey 天 前
Who's listening through vivid 19 30/03/2020
Brock Pinson
Brock Pinson 8 天 前
They were great with Navarro's flare on this. Too bad they don't have him and fruchani at the same time. They would compliment each other and it would be great. Do you agree?
scuraball, the true one
Chi è qua per la professoressa Costa? Basito
domz omz
domz omz 个月 前
I'm scared
Billy Beverweyk
Billy Beverweyk 个月 前
You can hear some similarities vibe this song with Ahmad Band - Bidadari di Kesunyian.. Similar progression chord..
Sayana Limana
Sayana Limana 个月 前
❤❤❤ from Russia
Tim Trocke
Tim Trocke 3 个月 前
This song is so authentic. I feel like it’s about being in the band without John.
Honey B.
Honey B. 3 个月 前
I love all of you
Peura Mauriainen
Peura Mauriainen 3 个月 前
I am a lonenely wolf cuz i left behind my friends(moustly where addicted some shit).. thats why i dont have sosial media!!!!.. exept YT .... like listening to music and historical document.. i am social person and i hawe fey frends week moment till i turn the asshole....
Nicole Inez
Nicole Inez 4 个月 前
7 years for a bad day?!?! Unbelievable what if someone give them 7 years for every bad day they ever had?
Eddie VanHalen515076
My friends are soda pressed.....
Edith Espinoza
Edith Espinoza 4 个月 前
7 years of being sad is over since last year
Dave FromTheGrave
Dave FromTheGrave 4 个月 前
Lol it shows the friends hugging in the beginning
Annie Gor
Annie Gor 4 个月 前
Elias Rebollosa
Elias Rebollosa 4 个月 前
Saw this Band in there Hay Day.... They Rocked.... So did the Girl I was with at the time.....She Rocked..
Ruben Servin
Ruben Servin 5 个月 前
I still don't know my self because i don't have any friends
beno indo
beno indo 5 个月 前
damn... !!! i love RHCP...
Joey Wright
Joey Wright 5 个月 前
No words I know of to express This emptyness
Leandro Rothgiesser
Leandro Rothgiesser 5 个月 前
Who else thinks that what the little girl said is not helpful at all?
Deni Aja
Deni Aja 5 个月 前
Devan Muse
Devan Muse 5 个月 前
such a great song until the transition, always knew it so:( Feelin the song so much, even comes into my head randomly playin guitar and like fuck yeah.. until it hits i love all of you..
southerner4566 6 个月 前
The best song on One Hot Minute.
Michael Miller
Michael Miller 6 个月 前
I have exactly ZERO friends
Mauro Dudley
Mauro Dudley 6 个月 前
Not exactly. You always have yourself.
Patrick Foster
Patrick Foster 7 个月 前
Even though this album was one of the weaker RHCP efforts; this particular song is one of their best, if not the best. P[>
Jude Scott
Jude Scott 7 个月 前
Chilli peppers write fantastic music Hey, thank you for taking the time to make these videos with lyrics added...
Tamra Bortree
Tamra Bortree 8 个月 前
Release is peace.....BEST LYRIC EVER
dane hereford
dane hereford 8 个月 前
Of all their songs which I love, this one I relate the most.
Joey G
Joey G 8 个月 前
Funny how all the people in the comments acting like philosophers and psychologists trying to figure out the meaning of this song. It's a fucking song y'all.
c0rnholio 9 个月 前
Baffles me how many of you all actually hate this album ;(
B A 9 个月 前
My ex girl is doing 20, same thing...
Christian Andres Pizarro Guajardo
The best song from one hot minute
Renee Smith
Renee Smith 9 个月 前
Prashant Barua
Prashant Barua 9 个月 前
I would like to hear Aaron Lewis and Fred Durst cover this.
Erica The Kidd
Erica The Kidd 10 个月 前
John B
John B 10 个月 前
deepest words of sorrow for those in affliction... Imagine me taught by tragedy Release is peace
Charles Smith
Charles Smith 10 个月 前
Miss Not Of This World
This is life in the form of a song. I listened to this song with my friends in my very first apartment a long time ago 😭
Miss Tery
Miss Tery 11 个月 前
Jessica Jones
Jessica Jones 11 个月 前
Paul Castro
Paul Castro 11 个月 前
i like the phot of the first second because the album guitarrist is navarro and in the guitarrist of the photo is frusciante
Jung-Hyo Lee
Jung-Hyo Lee 年 前
Derrick Kimsey
This song and Jesus really helped me through a difficult time thank you Red Hot Chili Peppers
Island Roena
Island Roena 年 前
You know I have this vision of Anthony Kiedis grabbing my ass and murmuring "nice butt" and then making out with me so if I do this modeling contest next year I am one step closer to being with Anthony well yeah I will be getting there
Lorena Villarreal Chávez
I was also taught by tragedy. My empathy and compassion grew. And now I cherish peace and freedom.
holly mack
holly mack 年 前
I want to get sober my friends
Pig Power
Pig Power 3 个月 前
holly mack how’s it going so far
Mytube777 11 个月 前
I wish you success. The key is to love yourself to the point of not giving up. It takes a while but you will do it if you really want it.
Royal MC
Royal MC 年 前
Cone heads!
Small Box
Small Box 年 前
I personally love this,it lifted my spirit &carried its note! Thank you,Sincerly,Melinda REINKE?
Billy Woods
Billy Woods 年 前
I love all you scarlet drawing. moon crawlin lonley high ass motherfuckers
Umar Surawijaya
Release is peace,,, damn
Iamwe 年 前
Little girl is our spirit inside . Something beautiful love and give no matter what .
AdamFord 152
AdamFord 152 年 前
Pretty good for the album
Roger mena velez
Great Song
Jodie 年 前
Best band in the world
Eric Thomas
Eric Thomas 年 前
This song and video of the Woolsey fire would make for a moving music video. Just saying
Brandon B
Brandon B 年 前
Before I share this, I just want to say that I do not in any way endorse the red hot chili peppers' music or the "activities" they have participated in as a band.. I used to really like them but now I'm very careful with the songs I listen to. However, just like all of us at some point of our life before Christ- you can hear a tug of war for truth in a lot of their songs.. This song speaks volumes.. Many people don't realize just how truly low they are able to sink.. They do not understand how bad they can become, just from trying to eek their way through this life. We live in an evil world and it is so cold.. Life's circumstances are often what turns people into the worst versions of themselves... They only realize when it is too late how truly far they have fallen.. This is why we must turn our life over by faith in Jesus Christ..This is not just a professing faith, but an obedience in faith not to conform to this world.. Jesus Christ taught us to love unconditionally.. We have a faith that says we will not grow cold like this world is. We can not truly help people who see nothing wrong with their ways, but we can make a difference with those who are convicted and truly seeking help. Many will mock us and scoff at us, not truly realizing the danger they are in.. They don't understand the reality until reality crashes into them.. We must remember that we once beared burdens we had to release and give to God.. Once you truly give them to God, He blesses you and will remove so much weight from your shoulders.. We should be speaking the same to these people who feel they have no hope.. Jesus died for those who would believe on His name and obey His commands.. He even called them "my friends"..
Damien de Leon
Fuck outta here Debbie downer. Jesus died for his sins not mine.
Mark Wilken
Mark Wilken 年 前
They want to give her 7 years... for being sad. Who writes like this? Breaks my heart every time.
Arjun G
Arjun G 年 前
I love this band! RHCP is the best. Can anyone suggest other bands that are exactly similar in terms of style and everything.
RomeDemonXxx 年 前
To my love, Shannon Childs.
RomeDemonXxx 年 前
Thank u dove.
Sietze van de Burgt
That little girl makes my think about little Faiza who told me something very important may God be with you forever !!!
Brad 年 前
That photo that is shown in the beginning isn't from when this album was made. Dave played guitar here, not John. Eva you lame.
Gwen Brinn
Gwen Brinn 年 前
If you haven't heard " Don't forgot me" by RHCP? It's even better than this song which is hard to do but tis true.
Jimmy Nolan
Jimmy Nolan 年 前
bye bye bitch you'll have plenty of time to remember you brought it down.
Shred Head
Shred Head 年 前
This song is real ❤️
One of the only good songs off one hot minute
Jo March
Jo March 年 前
I wish I had someone to love me who knows all my scars from the cold.
Charity Lewis
Charity Lewis 个月 前
That is beautiful reply!!
Mytube777 11 个月 前
You and me both. I’m willing to bet we are so not alone in this thinking. “So hard and lonely too when you don’t know yourself”. If you replace the word “know” with “love” and learn how to- that’s when you will get what you ask for.
Johnrey Andales
Hello all my friends..
secret police
I really am not into the red hot chilli peppers in any way, I find them so over rated but fuck me this song hits me right in the heart... DAMN!
Matt David-Matthews
My funeral tracklist- my friends, dontforget me
navlfc 2 年 前
That ending is just masterpiece of music. Epic epic stuff. The entire song is good but that ending gets me.
Caio vaz
Caio vaz 2 年 前
guitar style from <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="120">2:00</a> very inspired in fat old sun- pink floyd solos
Malcon Armijos
Malcon Armijos 2 年 前
only for GOOD friends!!
DARK 6 2 年 前
I love all of you hurt by the cold foreal real
Seth Rich
Seth Rich 2 年 前
I did not mean to make you hurt.I did not want the pain when you ran wild again .Truth
Taylor Vance
Taylor Vance 2 年 前
This song is deep
dinner roll
dinner roll 2 年 前
I love how Frusciante was in the beginning clip even though the Pepper's guitarist at the time of making this song was Dave Navarro.
caitosanna 年 前
RedHotReddy ouch I just realized they did that on purpose that hurts This song I can’t listen to through and not go to cry and have to stop myself
IlCaR LoSIl 2 年 前
Fusolqnfnsks the lyrics are wrong...
djcjdbfjxkx gdgfvcv
It makes me feel less useless, unwanted and unloved.. like the band members love me (I know it is impossible). I have depression.
Enes Hyseini
Enes Hyseini 2 年 前
This proves Dave aint that bad like some make him...!
Robert chambers
Robert chambers 2 年 前
Chilli peppers write fantastic music
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